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Professor Yuong-Nam Lee, Ph.D. 

  • INTERESTS          Vertebrate Paleontology, Evolution, Paleoecology, Taphonomy


        1980~1986         Department of Geology, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea

                                      (B.S., Geology, 02/1984)

                                      (M.S., Paleontology, 08/86: Supervisor: Prof. Ha-Young Lee)

                                     Thesis: Paleontology and stratigraphy of the Jigunsan Formation and

                                                 Duwibong Formation of the Chosen Supergroup in

                                                 Nokgeon Sangdong area, Yeongweol Gun, Kangweon Do,

                                                 South Korea

       1990~1995          Department of Geological Sciences, Southern Methodist University, Dallas,

                                     TX, USA         

                                      (Ph.D., Vertebrate Paleontology, 05/95, Supervisor: Prof. Louis L. Jacobs)

                                     Dissertation: Mid-Cretaceous archosaurs of the Paw Paw and Woodbine

                                                            formations, Texas         



        1995~1996          Department of Geological Sciences, Southern Methodist University, Texas,


        1996~1997          Department of Earth Science Education, Kyungpook National University,


        1997~1999          Department of Earth System Sciences, Yonsei University, Korea


        1994                     Invited scholar at Smithsonian Institute

        2000~2001          BK21 invited scholar at Seoul National University

        2001~2007          Senior Researcher at KIGAM

        2006~2011          Leader of Korea-Mongolia International Dinosaur Expedition

        2008~2015          Principal Researcher at KIGAM

        2009~                   Visiting Researcher at Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum, Japan

        2010~2015          Director of Geological Museum of KIGAM

        2013                     Visiting Professor at Hokkaido University Museum, Japan

        2013~                   Vice President of ADA (Asia Dinosaur Association)

        2015~                   Professor at School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Seoul National


        2018~2019          Vice President of the Geological Society of Korea


        1983                      An honor from the president of Yonsei University, Korea

        1991                      T.E. Williams Research Award, Southern Methodist University, USA

        1993                      Dallas Korean-American Scholarship, Dallas, USA

        1994                      Smithsonian Institution Short Term Visitor Award, USA

        1996                      The Saurus Institute Research Award, USA

        1999                      Distinguished Research Award from Korea Research Foundation, Korea

        2003                      Best Research Award from KIGAM, Korea

        2004                      Best Research Award from the Geological Society of Korea, Korea

        2005                      Special Award from KIGAM, Korea

        2006                      Best Science Writer from Donga Newspaper, Korea

        2012                      Best Research Award from the Paleontological Society of Korea, Korea

        2014                      2014 Scientist of the Year from Korea Science Journalists Association,


        2014                      Best Researcher of the Year from KIGAM, Korea

        2015                      Special Award from NST (National Research Center of Science &

                                       Technology), Korea

        2015                      Honor Medal from Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, Korea

        2015                      Global Player from KIGAM, Korea

        2015                      The National Academy of Sciences Award, Korea


       2004~2007             Journal of the Paleontological Society of Korea (Chief Editor)

       2009~2011            Palaios (Assistant Editor)

       2013~                     Geosciences Journal (Associated Editor)


       046.012                 Understanding the Earth (undergraduate class)

       3345.308               Fossils & Lab. (undergraduate class)

       3345.746               Seminar in Paleobiology (graduate class)

                                         - Vertebrate Paleontology

                                         - Dinosaurology

                                         - Microvertebrate Paleontology

                                         - Vertebrate Ichnology

                                         - Paleoichthyology

                                         - Bone histology

                                         - Pterosauria

       3345.606               Stratigraphy and Paleontology (graduate class)


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Graduate Students


​이성진 (Sungjin Lee)

Ph.D. student

   My interests are as diverse as dinosaurs, from their evolution to physiology to ecology. Studying their various shapes and lifestyles with fossil remains is what I do in order to know more about these fascinating creatures. Also, I have great interest in systematics and want to figure out phylogenetic relationships among Mesozoic dinosaurs and other archosaurs, mainly those lived in East Asia.


​김수환 (Su-Hwan Kim)

Ph.D. student

   I studied Cenozoic fishes during my undergraduate in Kyungpook National University. My interests are taxonomy of fossil fishes and their paleoenvironment based on sedimentary rocks. I think it is worth to study fossil fishes for understanding of paleobiodiversity of Korean peninsula. Through my research activities, I hope that many people become interested in fossil fishes and their evolution.


윤한상 (Han Sang Yoon)

Ph.D. student

   Dinosaurs leaded my way to the natural science, especially geology and paleontology. Nowadays my research interests are focused on taphonomy and sedimentology, and using these tools I want to reconstruct paleoenvironment in more detailed ways. As a beginner, my main subject is dinosaur footprints and trackways, and I hope I could understand their behaviors and inhabited environment through their traces.


​김 도 현 (Dohyeon Kim)

Ph.D. student

   My name is Dohyeon Kim. I have been interested in Paleontology since I was a child. And when I was a university freshman in 2015, I had a great chance to participated in a special program (Gobi Dinosaur Supporters) organized by Prof. Lee. It was my first experience to discover and excavate dinosaur’s fossils. That unforgettable memory led me to find my goal that becomes a paleontologist.

My hobby is exercising and enjoying epicurism. Whenever I get stressed out, I have delicious food after doing extreme sports. I love reading books and meditating in a calm cafe sometimes.


최승 (Seung Choi)

2020. 8. (Ph.D.)

Research Professor

at Seoul National University

손민영 (Minyoung Son)

2021. 8. (M.Sc)

Ph.D. Student

at University of Minnesota

고혜진 (Haejin Ko)

2021. 8. (석사과정 수료)

박진영 사진.jpg
박진영 (Jin-Young Park)

2022. 8. (Ph.D.)


at Seoul National University

​이한울 (Hanwool Lee)

2020. 8. (석박통합과정 수료)

박의준 (Euijun Park)

2019. 8. (석박통합과정 수료)

박성준 (Sung Jun Baag)

2021. 8. (M.SC)

김뇌헌 (Noe Heon Kim)

2022. 8. (M.SC)

Ph.D. Student

at Princeton University

홍성윤 프로필 사진.jpg
​홍성윤 (Sung Yoon Hong)

2023. 2. (M.SC)

​김성영 (Seong Yeong Kim)

2024. 2. (Ph.D.)


at Kyungpook National University

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