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     The long-term objectives of my current research are to understand the geological and biological history of Northeastern Asia during the Cretaceous period using vertebrate fossils, especially dinosaurs. Understanding and reconstructing this region's composition and dynamics are crucial to identifying faunal affinities of Korean dinosaurs and clarifying Asian dinosaur evolution. Therefore, I have been worked in Korea, Mongolia, China, Japan, Alaska, Canada, and the USA. 

Fiorillo, A.R.  2008. Cretaceous dinosaurs of Alaska: implications for the origins of Beringia. 

    pp. 313-326. In Blodgett, R.B., and Stanley, G. (eds.), The Terrane Puzzle: New perspectives on

    paleontology and stratigraphy from the North American Cordillera.  Geological Society of

    America Special Paper 442.

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